Testimonial YvetteEverywhere you look, outpatient centers are closing due to state budget restraints. Hospitals are being forced to cut their staff and reduce their services – and yet, more and more Americans are aging, covered by the new insurance program, or in need of urgent care. The answer may be in privately funded gym-based Riverside health clinic facilities.

Services Offered At A Riverside Health Clinic

A heath club based clinic can never replace your primary care physician, mind you, but there are many services available to you once you’ve received the proper diagnosis. Perhaps you have arthritis, you’re recovering from a lower back or knee injury, or you need to begin a weight loss program. Nutritionists and personal trainers are standing by to help you:

  • Improve flexibility and mobility
  • Recover from a disease or injury
  • Achieve your optimal weight and maintain it
  • Begin eating healthier to live a longer life
  • Add muscle definition for a leaner physique

Sometimes you hit an obstacle – you have a bad fall or you find out you have cancer – and yet, doctors still recommend, time and time again, that you maintain a regular exercise program. A medical doctor may prescribe you medications or offer more invasive surgery options, but you are given very little practical information on how to manage your condition day-to-day. Also, you know that working out will help you feel better, but you don’t know how much to push yourself or how to avoid worsening your injury. Whether it’s a stationary bike, a treadmill, or aquatic therapy, a Riverside health clinic trainer will work with you to ensure safety and efficiency with every workout.

Why Are Health Clinics So Important For Middle-Aged Americans?

Once you reach a certain age, you begin to realize that the way you treat your body now will greatly affect how long you live and how well you age. The dirty truth is that genetics play a huge role. You can’t pick and choose which genes you carry. However, the other half of the equation is the choices you make. You can quit smoking. You can start eating better. You can schedule regular workout sessions. It’s true that you can do all this on your own, although most people are unsure where to begin or they need a little added motivation, focus, and drive. With a health clinician on your side, you’ll get a fresh start and all the support you need to get your health – and your life – on track.

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