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The Only Indoor Fitness Boot Camp In Chino Hills Guaranteed To Flatten Your Stomach & Tone N’ Tighten Your Entire Body Without Spending Boring Hours In A Gym!

Alejandra Font of Chino Hills Boot Camp

Dear Friend,

My name is Alejandra Font

I am the Co owner of The Camp Boot Camp here in Chino Hills. My Partner Dr. Sam Bakhtiar and I have over 50 years of experience in the fitness industry. Dr. Sam and I have designed what we believe to be the most effective workout and nutrition program on earth.

Our famous 3 in 1 Chino Hills Boot Camp workout incorporates resistance, cardio and core conditioning workout all in a fun filled one hour class.

Forget about spending hours in a typical boring gym. Who wants to be in a boring gym doing the same old same old? Over the years we have helped thousands of local residence get in the best shape of their lives and we would love the opportunity to do the same for you.

Of course don’t take our word for it. After all we’re supposed to tell you how great we are and so does everybody else in the business. Instead watch the videos and read the testimonials below from your neighbors and friends who regularly attend our Chino Hills Bootcamp.

Check Out These Success Stories…

See What Others Have To Say About The Results They’ve Achieved With Our One of a Kind Program

ChristinaSuccess Story

When working out with The Camp Bootcamp in Chino Hills. I feel I’m getting every penny’s worth out of my workouts. I can’t believe that I “enjoy” going to the gym 3 days a week. I really do enjoy it! And even more so, I enjoy the results of losing over 35 pounds (so far!), 24+ inches (so far!), and dropping my fat percentage over 11% (so far!!!). A healthy diet and exercise is the only way to get those results, and for me, having the accountability and knowledge of a personal trainer has made all the difference in the world. I can honestly say that everyone at The Camp is genuinely interested in my health, success & results.

- Christina
The Camp Boot Camp Client
Chino Hills Resident

ScottSuccess Story

I am currently a client at The Camp Boot Camp. The awesome trainers are what have inspirited me. They have the right knowledge and are living examples of a healthy lifestyle.

I followed exactly what they have taught me and in just a short span of three months, I lost twelve pounds and my body fat percentage decreased to fifteen percent. The Chino Hills Personal Trainers has taught me how to mold my body and mind into any shape or state that I wish it to be.

- Scott
The Camp Boot Camp Client
Chino Hills Resident

LillianWeight Loss Success Story

After I became pregnant with my twin boys I reached a “discomfort” level that made my life feel miserable.

I joined The Camp at Fitness Concepts and got the privilege to be trained by Dr. Saman Bakhtiar.

Everything about my transformation felt right with the guided help of the entire team of trainers.

The knowledge they provide to help you achieve your goals is worth gold and it’s information that continues to help me stay in shape.

I’ve reached my goal of wearing shorts again! I’ve lost 52 pounds & 32 inches off my body, and now living a new and healthy life style.

- Lillian
The Camp Boot Camp Client
Chino Hills Resident

AlejandraSuccess Story

After having my 2 kids is when I decided I was ready to change my look for good… I had been on countless diets, did ineffective workouts until I finally discovered exactly how to make lasting changes in my body without completely depriving myself.

Now, I’m reaching my 40s and I look and feel better than I ever have…no more skinny fat….the best thing about my transformation is that I am now helping 100s of men and women achieve the body of their dreams, this has become my life’s passion.

- Alejandra
The Camp Boot Camp

“I feel GREAT! My Insomnia is now Gone! I sleep so well at night! Thank you to the Chino Hills Personal Trainers!”
“Working out at The Camp Boot Camp is so much fun!”
“Our clothes are fitting so much better! We LOVE coming to Boot Camp!”
“I Love that the workouts are so DYNAMIC! It’s different every time!”


After watching these videos below you may be asking yourself if you can achieve or get better results that you see in the testimonials above? You may not have exercised in a while or the programs you may have used are not that effective anymore. And the last thing you want to do is to waste your time and effort on another type of boot camp program that may not work for you. I understand your frustration. Our clients had the same thoughts that prevented them from taking the first step for years before they decided to dive in and get into the best work out shape of their lives. But look at how they’ve transformed their lives for the better!

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GlennSuccess Story

My doctor was shocked to see the quick results I’ve reached in a relatively short period of time.

As well as losing 35 pounds, my total cholesterol was 113 (last year it was 226), my triglycerides were 111 (last year they were 185), and my uric acid was 4.0 (last year it was 6.3).

I explained to my doctor that my routine included weight training plus cardio 3 to 4 times a week.

He said the results really showed both in my weight and in my blood. Thanks to The Camp Boot Camp and the Personal Training I received, I got kudos from my doctor!

- Glenn
The Camp Boot Camp Client
Chino Hills Resident

MartyFitness Success Story

The trainers at The Camp Boot Camp gave me good advice and suggestions and took the time to explain to me how eating works in conjunction with your workout regimen.

I was thrilled to go from a size 12 to ta size 2! The trainers take a personal interest in the clients and their goals. I lost 26lbs, 9% body fat, and a total of 16.75 inches.

They look deeper than just the physical aspect of your needs and really draw the goals in you that you didn’t even realize you had.

Thank you!

- Marty
The Camp Boot Camp Client
Chino Hills Resident

ErickGot ripped with The Camp

After years of trial and error, I have discovered how to get in great shape. Let me help you get the results you want.

- Erick Salgado
The Camp Boot Camp Riverside

KarenSuccess Story

People do not recognize me and are constantly asking me how I did it. For years (since my 20’s), I dreamed of feeling and looking like this.

It took work, patience, focus and determination to stay on track, it was work but it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

Because of my drastic change, good nutrition and exercise have become a permanent part of my life. For the first time in my life, I enjoy exercising!

- Karen
The Camp Boot Camp Client
Chino Hills Resident

I’m 100% Committed To Your Fitness Success…

Are you ready for the Challenge?

So here is what I want to do and my commitment to you. We would like to invite you to try out our result producing Chino Hills Boot Camp program at no risk whatsoever. Try out our famous 3 in 1 result producing program for a full week and if you are not convinced that our program can deliver the results then we will refund your investment no questions asked. So you have absolutely nothing to lose but some unwanted body fat and the burden is on us to prove to you we’re the best in business.

We offer Flexible Class Times to fit your Busy Life!

Check out our Chino location: 14626 Central Ave. Chino, CA. 91710

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What Are You Waiting For?

DaveLose Weight with The Camp

After much consideration I decided to give The Camp Boot Camp in Chino Hills a try.

This decision turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Through the intense workouts and the nutritional guidance, which was key, I was able to lose 80 pounds!

The program has positively influenced my life in more ways than I can possibly describe. My only regret is that I didn’t make this life-changing decision years ago.

- Dave
The Camp Boot Camp Client
Chino Hills Resident

DianaSuccess Story

The workouts are fabulous! I was inspired by everyone who was at The Camp Boot Camp.

From the trainers to the clients, the support is unbelievable. After going over and understanding the nutrition, I finally realized that proper nutrition and exercise habits equal weight loss.

I have lost 25 lbs and gained a healthy lifestyle!

- Diana
The Camp Boot Camp Client
Chino Hills Resident

DeliaSuccess Story

For years I struggled with my weight.

Now I feel confident and love helping others look and feel great.

- Delia
The Camp Boot Camp Riverside

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So call now at 909-962-7745 or enter your name and email address from our Contact Page and we will schedule our first appointment with you today. We at The Camp Boot Camp in Chino Hills would LOVE to get you in the BEST Shape of Your Life or Your Money Back!

Committed to your Success,

Alejandra Font