Testimonial DaveObesity currently accounts for 9 percent of all Medicare spending in the US. To put it into perspective, that’s a whopping $147 billion in direct medical expenses. However, a new analysis from Emory University predicts that enrolling 70 percent of older overweight “at-risk” adults in a community-based weight loss program could save up to $15 billion in Medicare savings. Right now, Medicare’s “wellness benefit” covers an annual doctor’s visit and a personalized care plan, but it does not cover participation in local diet and exercise programs. Our fitness center includes a weight loss Corona CA program we believe will help an enormous amount of people who find it difficult to reach health and fitness goals on their own.

How Weight Loss Corona CA Programs Help:

Two of the most common chronic conditions are heart disease and diabetes, which require expensive treatments to manage. Individuals could cut their diabetes risk by over 70 percent and lose 5 to 6 percent of their body weight by following a local program. Over the course of 16 weeks or so, program participants will meet with a lifestyle coach to learn how to eat and exercise right. They will receive recipes, meal plans, and a personal trainer to oversee their progress.

According to research, a pre-diabetes program for 60-64 year olds would cost about $590 million to be implemented across America, but it would save $2.3 billion over the next 10 years and $9.3 billion over the lifetime of the participants. If this program was expanded to include high blood pressure and high cholesterol patients, Medicare could save an additional $3.7 billion in 10 years and $15.1 billion over the patients’ lifetimes.

Can’t My Doctor Just Help?

Some people wonder why their primary care physicians can’t just help them manage their diseases, but many doctor’s offices are overtaxed with patients suffering from acute needs. Therefore, there needs to be more “farming-out” of patients to places like our weight loss Corona CA center, where we can focus exclusively on diet, behavior modification, and exercise. In a September study of overweight adults in the UK, Australia and Germany, researchers found that participants of weight loss programs dropped twice the amount of weight as those who went to physician consultations only.

Where To Get Started:

We hope state and federal governments get the picture that a partnership with the business sector is the best way to win the war on obesity and get our national debt under control. For now, we will continue offering the best weight loss Corona CA program we can and invite individuals to take the initiative even if it costs a few dollars to join. After all, think of how much money you’ll save on fast food, prepackaged dinners, doctor’s co-pays, and prescription medication!

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