Testimonial YvetteEveryone can use a refresher course in proper Upland gym etiquette, whether you’ve been going to a fitness facility for years or you’ve just started a brand spanking new membership. If you’ve been to a gym before, you know there are many people who use the fitness equipment and behave as if they are in the privacy of their own homes. Chances are, you will always run into some of these people. Yet, “what’s good for the geese” is not “what’s good for the gander” in this case. You need to take the higher moral ground and set a positive standard that (hopefully) will cause a ripple effect through your gym. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at some of the horrors you may find in an Upland gym.

Tip #1: Wipe Down Your Machine.

It doesn’t matter if Hugh Jackman or Keira Knightley were the last people on the exercise machines before you. The point is: no one wants to grab onto a greasy handle, rest their back upon a salty, slimy backrest or push buttons on treadmills that have been saturated in someone else’s sweat. Every Upland gym should have easily accessible spray bottles containing disinfectant with fresh towels on hand. If yours doesn’t, then it’s probably time to find a more hygienic place to work out! A few courtesy spritzes when you’re done using the machine won’t kill you.

Tip #2: Understand The Logical Flow Of Circuit Training.

In any gym weight training room, the weight machines are structured in a circuit, meaning that you should logically flow from one machine to the next. Few things are more irritating when you’re trying to follow your circuit than the local resident “butterfly” who skips all over the place, causing mass confusion and chaos. It’s okay if you get to the quad press and decide to skip it because you’re only doing arms today, but keep progressing forward down the line, rather than forward and backward and every which way.

Tip #3: Don’t Hog The Space.

Don’t try to stash your personal belongings on multiple machines to “save your spot” when you get around to using them. Also, don’t throw a towel over the bike next to you to “save room for a friend” – who may or may not even make it to the totally full spin class. It’s also important that you avoid standing around a machine having a group discussion with others, as it makes the machine less accessible to others who wish to use it.

These are just a few general tips for using an Upland gym appropriately. Of course, there are many more pet peeves – from women showing up half-naked to work out and men flexing incessantly in the mirror – but the important point is to do your best to be considerate of others. Looking for a membership where people are more considerate? Try here!

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