Testimonial DaveIf you’re looking to get on the band wagon for looking and feeling great, then you may want to begin with some of the top Riverside health and fitness trends for 2011…

  • Get your fitness certification! Become a pro by taking a Riverside health and fitness program offered by the American College of Sports Medicine.
  • Take an age-appropriate fitness class! More and more Riverside health and fitness centers are offering classes broken down by age, so that older people feel more comfortable. Aquatics, yoga, dance, and bike classes are some of the most common.
  • Get on the weight machines! Strength training is “in” this year, as people realize cardio classes alone cannot help individuals reach their health and fitness goals. You need to build muscle, while burning tremendous amounts of calories to shed pounds and look great.
  • Try a personal training session. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says this field will continue to grow by nearly 20 percent over the next decade. Riverside residents, too, are finding that working with a PT is a great way to get – and stay – motivated.
  • Focus on your core! Get those abdominal muscles strengthened and reduce back pain by tightening your core with every exercise that you do. Also, spend at least 15 minutes of your workout focusing solely on this muscle group. You’ll find Brad Pitt six-pack isn’t so far away after all!
  • Get your friends together for a kick-butt boot camp workout! One of the hottest Riverside health and fitness trends is a bootcamp workout, which can be done indoors or outdoors and combines a cardio workout with strength training. The equipment is minimal, but the workout is intense! You’ll burn more calories than ever, receive more individual attention, and make a few friends in the process.
  • Add yoga at least once a week. Pilates isn’t quite the craze it once was and people aren’t as addicted to yoga, but even the most cardio-addicted exercisers are finding value in adding yoga to the end of their workouts or at least one day a week. Yoga is an excellent strength training and muscle conditioning workout, even if you don’t break a sweat. The really hardcore can try Bikram Yoga, which takes place in a 110-degree room and is guaranteed to make you sweat!
  • Track your measurements. There are tons of smartphone apps that allow you to track your fitness over time and people are finding that it’s a great way to stay motivated! Heck, you can even brag to your friends about how well you’re doing and give yourself a little pat on the back. Go beyond weight and track data like: length of time at target heart rate, calories burned, inches lost, etc.

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