Testimonial KristianChoosing a Riverside health and fitness center is a lot like choosing a mate…

  1. You want a partner who is hygienic. Nothing is more disgusting than getting a whiff of B.O. on the first date! Or imagine if your love interest leans in for the kiss with spinach caught between the middle two teeth… sick! There is nothing sexy about wearing the same clothes every day for a week or basking in your own musk. By the same token, you want a Riverside health and fitness center that is totally clean. That means there should be adequate towels or spray bottles near the workout machines. The floors should look freshly vacuumed or mopped and the restrooms should be thoroughly sanitized. If there is a pool, you don’t want to see “Wookies” floating around in the water! A trial membership can tell you a lot about a fitness center just like a first date would give you a clue about a prospective mate.
  2. You want a partner who shares the same goals and interests as you. It’s a real bummer when you become attached to someone only to learn he or she wants to go back to school… in another state! Or perhaps you start dating someone that seems very much like you at first, but after a few months you realize you really share next to nothing in common. You don’t even like each other’s friends! You find it hard to support that weird Star Wars collecting hobby too. Over time, you just gradually stop phoning. In the same way, you won’t want to keep going to your Riverside health and fitness center if your trainers are not supportive and effective at helping you achieve all your weight loss or overall fitness goals. You want to find a facility with positive, helpful staff that truly understands your needs. Sitting down at a 1-on-1 consultation with a personal trainer should be an illuminating experience.
  3. You want a partner who is fun. It might have been sweet to eat at TGI Fridays and see a movie matinee for the first date. But when every night becomes “movie night,” you start to wonder how long things can possibly last. Worse yet, some mates fall into total apathy mode once they feel they’ve “trapped” you – and it’s weeks of slovenly couch lounging and computer gaming ahead.  When choosing a Riverside health and fitness center, you want to pick a place with as much variety as possible. This may include cardio classes, strength training machines, boot camp classes, nutrition counseling, spa services, bike classes, aquatics, and all the bells and whistles!

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