Testimonial ChristinaWhat do you think of when you hear the term Riverside wellness & fitness center? At first, you may presume the phrase sounds redundant. After all, isn’t “wellness” and “fitness” the same thing? This is a big misconception, actually. You may have to get out a microscope and talk to countless “wellness experts” and “fitness gurus” to come to this conclusion, but here is the best way to break it all down.

What Is Fitness?

The primary objective of fitness is to work toward changing and improving one’s physical appearance. You’ll note that a lot of the fitness ads feature scantily clad women in bikinis with rock solid abs and tanned men with bulging biceps. “You could look just as sexy as us if you follow our program,” they seem to say. Fitness is almost promoted as a luxury – for those who are willing to pay (with sweat and hard work, that is!) The methods for achieving pinnacle fitness run far and casino wide. Some people promote at-home equipment like the Bow-Flex or the Shake Weights. Others promote their fitness facilities with classes, weight machines and personal training. There are diet programs and nutritional supplements aimed at helping the body lose weight and shape up. Fitness comes in many disguises, but the bottom line is: it attracts people who want to look their best!

What Is Wellness?

Wellness, on the other hand, is all about feeling healthy with the objective of living a longer, disease-free life. There is more of a medical component with wellness and in order to achieve these goals, the individual must commit to making any necessary lifestyle changes. While fitness centers tend to attract the super-fit bodies or people with just 10 – 20 pounds to spare, wellness centers tend to attract more obese or elderly individuals who really want to get on the road to recovery.   Wellness centers may be standalone, located in a hospital, or combined with a fitness center.

How Can I Join a Riverside wellness & fitness Center?

Fitness centers usually give you the option to become a “member” for a set period of time. People who wish to join for a shorter period of time may also join a “program” (like a boot camp program or a weight loss program). At a wellness center, programs are more prevalent and they are most always divided by condition – rehab program, orthopedic program, pain management program, etc. You should join as a member if you wish to use the facilities whenever (and as often) as you please. If you don’t mind arriving for set appointments only, then you can often find a more cost-effective solution by joining a program.  Click here to learn more about joining a Riverside wellness & fitness center.

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