Testimonial ScottCorporate wellness programs are catching on across the nation as a way for employers to actively and effectively reduce their healthcare premiums and employee absences, while driving up productivity and employee perks. Some of these perks include employer-sponsored health screenings, flu shots, fitness classes, and healthy lunch programs, for example. Pairing with a Riverside wellness center makes it easy for employees to participate in the program.

Studies show that every $1 spent on a corporate wellness program saves $3 in health care costs. Corporate support is essential in helping America turn the tide to become a healthier nation and get our country’s health care costs under control. Yet, what good is a corporate wellness program if it is difficult to use and not widely adopted by employees? That’s where a Riverside wellness center can really step in to bridge the gap between employer goals and employee engagement.

A Riverside wellness center can step in to facilitate better health awareness. This angle is one that many employers feel comfortable with. However, it is one thing to send pamphlets home with employees and quite another to actually sit down with the employee 1-on-1 and discuss their family history and individual health concerns. Ideally, individuals will leave their counseling session with a more realistic assessment of their current health and a better understanding of how to take their health to the next level. Obviously, employers lack the manpower, the time, and the resources to do this, so outsourcing to an affordable Riverside wellness center makes perfect sense.

Preventative exams and fitness tests are often conducted to help people gauge their current state of affairs.  Then, a Riverside wellness center coaching program would help people quit smoking, lose weight, maintain a regular exercise schedule, reduce stress, or adopt a healthier eating plan – whatever is needed. Employees cannot be forced to participate, but if the incentives are good, they’ll see that it’s worth their participation.

Studies conducted by the American Journal of Health Promotion found that a cash incentive under $100 resulted in the most dramatic increase in wellness program participation. Furthermore, companies that create a strong culture of wellness (combined with the benefits-related incentive) resulted in the highest participation rate, with 69.4 percent of the company actively engaged in the wellness program.

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