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If you’re looking to lose 20 pounds to look better on the beach this summer, you are not alone. Losing weight was one of the top New Year’s resolutions in 2011, like it is every year! The fact of the matter is: it can be hard to shed pounds on your own. Where do you turn when gym workouts become mind-numbingly boring? What do you do when you’re dying for fried food or pastries? It’s easy to slip up, but you’re more likely to succeed when you enlist the help of a Riverside boot camp.

How Much Weight Can I Lose Safely?Tina Chino Hills Boot Camp

Some bogus weight loss supplements and fad diets promise to help you lose 10 pounds in 3 days. That just simply does not happen! Besides, losing massive amounts of weight in a short period of time is just not healthy for the body. Experts agree that 1-2 pounds per week is a healthy amount of weight loss for most people. The one exception to the rule is people with the most weight to lose. For example, if a person is 350 pounds and accustomed to a completely sedentary lifestyle and diet of pure junk food, the results will be striking when this person begins making healthier choices. A person of this size who takes bold and dynamic steps to become more physically fit will find they may drop 10 or 20 pounds in one month in some cases. You’ve probably watched “The Biggest Loser” before, so you know it’s possible. A Riverside boot camp will ensure you lose your 1-2 pounds each week through a series of fat-busting exercises that are not only good at boosting your metabolism, but fun too.

What Steps Can I Take At Home To Lose Weight Fast?

In addition to attending Riverside Boot Camp sessions, you’ll want to maintain a healthy lifestyle at home.

Did you know that drinking two glasses of water before each meal can help you cut back your portion size, lose weight faster and keep the weight off longer? Studies confirm that this easy lifestyle modification can help you lose 4.5 pounds more. Water also wards off headaches, muscle cramps, fatigue and gastrointestinal illnesses, so weight loss won’t be the only benefit.

When you eat anything – whether it be a meal or a snack – be sure you’re combining carbohydrates with protein. Dieticians at Buffalo General Hospital say that combining these foods will help you beat cravings by preventing your blood sugar levels from going through the roof. Consider this: when you eat an apple, your blood sugar level spikes because this type of sugar is quickly metabolized and sent into the bloodstream. When you eat an apple and a piece of cheese, the protein slows down the release of sugar into the bloodstream and keeps you on an even keel.

If you have a dog at home, walk him! A recent study by the University of Missouri found that the average dog owner lost 14 pounds a year, compared to their pet-less peers. Dog walkers are more likely to engage in other types of physical activity and enjoy doing so, the study also found.

What Will I Do At A Riverside Boot Camp?

A Riverside Boot Camp is not as grueling as it sounds. It’s easier than you think to lose 20 pounds in 12 weeks. The basic concept behind the workouts is that you’ll combine 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity with strength-training exercises to encourage the body to dip into its fat reserves and burn calories where it counts. The reason strength training is so important is that building muscle mass helps you burn more calories even while you’re at rest. It may sound hard to believe, but activities like squats and lunges actually burn more calories than any type of cardio. Many Riverside Boot Camp participants arrive at their first session with stories of how they lost a bunch of weight initially and then reached a plateau. This often occurs when the body becomes accustomed to one type of repetitive exercise like riding a stationary bike or jogging on the treadmill. If you really want to “shock” your system into giving up that fat, you’re going to have to mix it up at a Riverside Boot Camp.

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