Testimonial KristianIt’s a well-known fact that stress makes you more susceptible to illnesses, diseases, and health conditions. Unfortunately, there is much cause for stress nowadays, with the economy tanking. If you’re not unemployed, then chances are, you’re working like a dog to keep your company afloat and maintain job security. You’re probably losing some sleep over your 401k. And, if you’re like most Americans, you may not always eat, sleep, or exercise as you should. Did you know that a Riverside wellness center is the answer you’ve always been looking for?

A New Study Shows The Exact Effect Of Stress On Health.

Canadian researchers have examined data from 2000 to 2008 to determine just how highly stressful occupations are linked with trips to the doctor. According to their report:

  • High-stress jobs required 26 percent more visits to general practitioners.
  • High-stress jobs required 27 percent more visits to specialists compared to low-stress jobs.
  • Medium-stress jobs led to more doctors’ visits for women, but not men.

Stress Reduction Programs Should Be Widely Implemented, Says Researchers.

Researchers said that workplaces that implemented stress management programs:

  • Reduced health care visits among employees (and therefore, healthcare costs as well)
  • Increased worker productivity through reduced absenteeism and increased morale
  • Decreased employee turnover, as workers enjoyed their jobs more and valued the program

Why A Canadian Study Matters To Americans:

Even though this study was conducted in Canada, our Riverside wellness center feels it’s extremely relevant to Americans. Here’s why: a 2009 report indicates that 70 percent of American employees classify their workplace as “a significant source of stress,” and 51 percent of employees admit that stress reduces their productivity. Since Canadians classically have lower health care expenditures and live longer, healthier lives than us, we can only imagine that our situation is slightly worse than our northerly neighbor’s.

A Riverside Wellness Center Can Really Help Employees Get Stress Under Control.

There are several ways a Riverside wellness center can help employees.

  1. Nutrition counseling ensures that individuals are eating foods that keep insulin levels balanced all day long to prevent blood sugar spikes and crashes, as well as emotional eating. As you may know, how we fuel our body greatly affects mood and perception of stress. We can also recommend certain foods that are known to reduce stress in the body.
  2. Nothing beats stress like a regular exercise program! We can set up individual 1-on-1 coaching that motivates and achieves real results. Scheduling workouts at the same time each day (or every other day, whatever the individual prefers) can beat stress and improve health dramatically.
  3. Having someone to talk to about health, wellness and stress takes a big burden off a person’s shoulders. While we don’t claim to be psychologists or professional counselors, we do lend a positive presence and a helping hand that can be very comforting during times of great stress.

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