The fitness club industry is fiercely competitive, as the recession has led to fewer members and a glut of establishments to choose from. Some niche markets are doing well, but most have folded. The top fitness clubs are becoming all-in-one wellness centers that offer multiple services and support for leading a healthy lifestyle. Locally, adding a Corona health clinic to our existing health club has helped us add a wealth of new services that complement our focus on fitness, nutrition, and overall wellbeing.

For instance, at our Corona health clinic, you can work with a personal trainer to develop a fully customized exercise and nutrition program with your specific goals, family history, and body composition in mind. For people who have been struggling to lose weight on their own for quite some time, this program is a Godsend! Not only will you be given all the tools to succeed, but you will also be working with an invested partner who genuinely cares about your goals. Trust us: it’s much easier to stay focused and motivated when you have a friend cheering you on!

A Corona health clinic can also provide you with therapy if you are recovering from injury or dealing with a specific condition. Aqua aerobics is ideal for senior citizens, obese individuals, or those with physical limitations. The water will absorb any shock from the movements, while still giving you a high quality workout. Furthermore, therapeutic massages will curtail pain in muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons. The goal of many of our services is to provide you with a better range of motion and increased flexibility.

Skin care is another component of our Corona health clinic that will lead to a better life for you. At our fitness facility, you can get everything from a facial, enzyme peel, glycolic treatment and acne treatment to vitamin c treatment, paraffin foot wax, eyebrow waxing, and light therapy. The face is front and center in every interaction with others, so it is important that you look your best to feel your best too.

Whether you are looking to body-build, train for a particular sport, firm and tone your physique, get ready for pregnancy or lose that baby weight, you can find all the resources you need at a Corona health clinic. For more information on how to join and access these health-promoting services and more, please contact Fit Concepts: your one-stop-shop for wellness advice and solutions.

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