Testimonial YvetteAre you sick and tired of yo-yo dieting, dull workout routines, making excuses for missing the gym and suffering with a body that is out-of-shape and lethargic? Let an Upland Boot Camp help you!

Experts at Fit Concepts Upland Boot Camp are certified in personal training and standing by to help you achieve your fitness goals, whether it be to lose a few pounds or work out more consistently for improved heart health. The specialization for this particular Upland boot camp is TOTAL TRANSFORMATION. Workouts are a short 30 minutes but are highly effective in busting fat and body sculpting. Program participants will learn a wealth of information about where they’re at physically and how to get where they’re going through better nutrition and exercise.

What You WON’T Get From An Upland Boot Camp:

Forget every negative stereotype that comes to mind when you hear the words “Upland boot camp.” It’s not at all what you may think. Many people imagine a military-style environment with “drill sergeant” personal trainers standing over them with clipboards, barking out orders and degrading them emotionally. Other people imagine a cattle herd of people overcrowded into one-size-fits-all group classes with hours and hours of grueling physical activity without rest. The reason these fitness programs are called “boot camps” is that they promote a revolutionary way of thinking and behaving, not to mention QUICK RESULTS. In addition, they aim for a total transformation of an unhealthy body into a well-oiled fat-burning machine. There is a healthy way to lose weight and improve fitness, which is precisely what you’ll find at an Upland boot camp.

What You’ll Get From An Upland Boot Camp:

An Upland boot camp is a structured program in a fun and motivating environment. Experts provide answers to your most pressing questions. They’ll talk about your goals, your habits and your preferences to customize a unique workout program just for you. Many people love the personalized nature of a boot camp and the fast results they see from working with an experienced personal trainer. People wishing to lose 10 pounds, 50 pounds or over 100 pounds can find benefit in a structured program that introduces a certain level of accountability and commitment. No matter your fitness level, age or ability, you can improve your condition with help from an Upland boot camp trainer.

Upland Boot Camp Results

On average, clients lose several dress sizes, 5 percent body fat and 4 to 8 pounds per month. However, those with more to lose often shed pounds faster. Exercises are designed to attack stubborn areas like the hips, butt, lower abdomen and thighs. While each person’s routine varies, sessions are specially designed to alleviate boredom or the body’s tendency to plateau. Training at an Upland boot camp guarantees results, as opposed to slogging away and yo-yoing with weight loss yourself. If you’re ready to get serious and get into a regular routine that is PROVEN to work, then why not try the Upland boot camp system today? Call for a consultation with a personal trainer near you!

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