Testimonial ChristinaWorkplace wellness programs have been in place for 30 years now, but only in recent years have they become exceedingly popular as employers see the financial benefits in implementing such a system. A new Highmark Inc. study found that health care costs rose 15 percent slower for employers who sponsored wellness programs and that these employers also saved $332 per participant each year of the program! With numbers like this, it’s no surprise that over 75 percent of all employers with 10,000 or more employees have some sort of corporate wellness program in place. Yet, a workplace wellness program is only as good as its participation. That’s where a Corona boot camp comes in.

How Can A Corporate Corona Boot Camp Help?

If left to their own devices, people instinctively fall into a routine of apathy when it comes to fitness and nutrition. The way to combat this is through structure and organization. Instead of handing out pamphlets and expecting people to comply, employers can send their workers to a Corona boot camp, where trainers who are skilled in the art of motivation will work their magic. Here, in a refreshingly new setting, each employee will discuss his or her unique fitness goals 1-on-1 with a personal trainer. They’ll go over nutrition, weight lifting form and help wellness program participants find exercises that are fun and fulfilling. This way, employers can be sure that people are actively participating to achieve real benefits that lower the employer’s bottom line.

Why Participation Is So Crucial To A Wellness Program

The Corona boot camp will work toward objectives like helping employees lose weight or increase their amount of physical activity each week. This, in turn, has a number of effects on the office. According to the American Journal of Health Promotion, employers can expect:

  • 30% fewer worker comp / disability claims
  • 28% reduction in sick leave
  • 26% reduction in direct health care costs

Not only that, but employees will be more energized and productive at work. Illness and stress will no longer affect employee morale.

There Are A Number of Options For A Corporate Corona Boot Camp.

Employers may opt for Corona boot camp professionals to provide: on-site training, special fitness workshops, group workout sessions, 1-on-1 support from personal trainers, email support, yoga classes, preventative screening coverage, smoking cessation support groups, discount fitness club membership, personalized diet plans, corporate wellness newsletters or fun team-building contests that measure employee progress.

A Corona Boot Camp Helps Measure Engagement

It can be really difficult to measure progress and employee engagement once a new wellness program is implemented. Are people using the discount services? Are they exercising more? Are they eating better? Did anyone quit smoking? All these factors can be difficult to measure aside from sending out periodic questionnaires, which may or may not be answered truthfully. A Corona boot camp can help measure who is participating and meeting their goals. The Corona boot camp staff checks in employees to report back to the company who came for their personal training sessions. The staff can also let employers know how many employees met target fitness objectives. Giving employees a structured program and a 1-on-1 trainer gives them the tools they need to truly get healthy, thereby saving their employers untold sums in health care coverage premiums.

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