Testimonial ChristinaCorona weight loss doesn’t come free. You will have to make some sort of monetary investment – whether it be time or money. You will likely need to buy a health club membership, fitness classes, a personal trainer, or healthier food, for example. You will need to buy new workout clothes, a water bottle, and a sturdy pair of shoes. Yet, if you were truly honest with yourself, you would see that you can’t afford to pass up the opportunity for Corona weight loss.

First of all, think about how much obesity costs. The National Institutes of Health estimates that obesity costs this country $100 billion each year. On average, obese women spend $8,365 more a year and obese men spend $6,518 more per year than their healthy weight peers. If you can believe it, only 10 percent of this money was spent on medical bills. The rest includes factors like premature death / lost life, lost wages, life insurance premiums, disability, productivity loss, and gasoline. In fact, obese Americans spend $1 billion extra on gas to get around!

Investing in yourself is important, first and foremost, because it will contribute to your longevity. Yet, if you were to look at the short-term savings, keep in mind that $6,518 – $8,365 figure. Say you spend $20 a month for your gym membership, plus $200 for a personal trainer. Factor in $300 for new workout clothes and a water bottle. You’d spend $2,940 this year getting healthy. That’s a far cry from what you would be paying in your current state!

Corona weight loss is not a cakewalk. Yet, it’s very attainable in a short amount of time if you genuinely want to change your situation in life. Getting a personal trainer, taking classes, and surrounding yourself with workout buddies really does help. Charting your progress, setting short and long term goals, and changing up your workout routine each day will keep you motivated to keep going, even when your body begs you to quit. When you combine regular workouts with a nutritious meal plan, you will see dramatic changes within a few months – not just to your looks, but to your vitality and overall wellbeing too.

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