Testimonial ScottIf you’re looking up the calories in Corona, then you are probably already concerned about the toll that drinking takes on your mid-section. Even though Corona tastes very light, it actually contains as many calories as other regular beers. For instance, Corona Extra has 148 calories – which is the same as Bud Ice or Coors. Corona Light contains 109 calories.

Dieticians will tell you that the problem with consuming the calories in Corona is that they are all “empty” calories, meaning that you are getting no vitamins, minerals or nutrients. It’s true that beer has a little bit of protein and fiber, but other than that, you’re only getting calories and carbohydrates. A beer is much like a potato chip – you can’t have just one! Before you know, you’ve drank four or more beers, which is an entire meal’s worth of calories. If you don’t want those calories to be converted into fat, you’ve got to burn them off.

That being said, you don’t have to give up your penchant for Corona or other beers. You can avoid the beer gut or love handles by scheduling a rigorous workout whenever you plan to have a few drinks. Strengthen your muscles by pumping iron to increase your resting metabolic rate by 15 percent. Make subtle changes to your day – like taking the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator to lose about six pounds in a year.

To burn off the calories in Corona, you can jog or swim for 17 minutes, do aerobics for 19 minutes, dance for 21 minutes, or walk for 31 minutes. You will need to multiply this by however many beers you drink, however, so be careful!

Be sure to ingest your “good” fats – essential fatty acids found in fish and canola oil, which help you produce hormones that regulate body fat distribution and weight management. You will also need to drink more water when you drink alcohol to hydrate your body, absorb nutrients, and remove toxins.

If you’re one of the 90 million Americans who enjoy drinking beer, you’ll be happy to know it is important in relieving stress and may also help us fall asleep at night (which prevents late night overeating.) When drinking, always aim for moderation (no more than 1-2 drinks per day) so the Calories in Corona won’t add up so fast.

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