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Mercy's TestimonialIt can be really hard to stay on the weight loss wagon, don’t you agree? Some weeks you watch the pounds drop and you’re feeling really confident. Other weeks, you splurge on something or miss a day at the gym and it appears all the progress has been reversed. Many Californians struggle with yo-yo dieting and dwindling motivation. There are countless ways people trying to lose weight may be sabotaging themselves, without even knowing it. For example, your end goal is fat loss, not muscle loss, so it’s important that you are trained in the correct methods of weightlifting or you may injure yourself and limit your success. You also need to make sure you’re taking in the proper nutrition while you work out to prevent your body from going into starvation mode and hanging onto every calorie for the fat storage reserves. These are all things you can learn at a Rancho boot camp.

Imagine going from a size 12 to a size 2 in four months and losing a whopping 26 pounds. Imagine dropping 25 pounds in two months. Say goodbye to 52 extra pounds and 32 inches you didn’t need. These are all real-life results from Rancho boot camp participants who found freedom and support with fitness professionals who genuinely cared about their success. For many participants, the most important thing was having access to knowledge and having the accountability. We are sometimes too easy on ourselves when the scale fluctuates back and forth. By attending a weight loss boot camp, you will be given a precise program that is tested, tried and true – guaranteed to help you shed the pounds if you follow the personalized formula given to you. You’ll feel even more motivated at weigh-in day, knowing that your personal trainer is invested in your goal too. You are not alone! That is important to remember – and you will see so many people making tremendous transformations before your eyes that it will be hard not to notice.

Your personal Rancho boot camp trainer is there to provide that added motivation when you want to give up and quit, when you think no one is watching. If you were at the gym alone, you may find you can only do 8 push-ups. However, when your trainer is there, begging you to just give a little bit more… you find you’ve hammered out 16 push-ups. Attending a boot camp is about educating yourself and learning how to overcome your biggest obstacles to go that extra mile. You’ll be exposed to a wide range of different exercises to find what works best for you, personally. You’ll also learn a great deal about nutrition and making healthier choices in the kitchen. Don’t delay… you’ve waited too long to take charge and find something that truly works. Call a Rancho boot camp fitness expert today!

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